Church History- Church Plant Meeting

Church History- Rumpoles

Church History- Wilmot High School


Pastor Kerry Bauman has always dreamed of planting a church and he noticed that there were not very many churches in the area of Southeastern Wisconsin where he resided. In October of 2017, God gave him the opportunity to make this vision come true. Kerry assembled a small team of friends and family members who also shared this vision, and together they set out to register the church and find a location to plant this new church. In mid-November, River Ridge Church was formed and registered in the state of Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, the team was led to Wilmot Union High School in Wilmot, WI. This location had the potential to reach those in Wilmot, and the surrounding towns in the Illinois/Wisconsin area. By the end of November, an agreement was reached with Wilmot Union High School to allow River Ridge Church to hold weekly services in their auditorium. However, services could not begin in that location until January 2018. River Ridge Church still wanted to hold services for both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with their new church family. Thankfully, God provided a temporary space at Rumpoles Banquet Hall in Twin Lakes, WI for those two weeks. The first weekly service in Wilmot Union High School’s auditorium was held on January 7, 2018, with an official launch date of March 4, 2018.